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As of December 31, 2003 the website has gone into a dormant state. The archives of all past submissions are still available (click the Archive button below).



Quick Tips & Links

* Don't worry about what's "normal." If it feels good and no one is getting hurt (physically or emotionally), enjoy the moment. A good attitude to have is: try it, you might like it. If you've read any of the entries here, you'll see that normal encompasses a wide range.

* Communicate and be fair with your partner. Not everyone is comfortable openly discussing sex. If your partner is a bit shy, be patient and understanding. Often, the best time to discuss sex is outside the bedroom – not when you're in the midst of love making (saying or doing the wrong thing during sex can be a real turn off). Offer compromises or trades ("I'll do that to you, if you do this to me").

* There are plenty of sources of sexual inspiration, from books and videos (see below) to toys. Don't overlook basics like a romatic dinner, a warm bath together, or a relaxing massage. Play games, have fun, take your time.

* Most importantly, safe sex = fun sex. You don't want to wake up tomorrow wondering if you've picked up a disease or gotten pregnant. Discuss and decide on a method of birth control and protection from sexually transmitted diseases before things get hot and heavy.


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