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As of December 31, 2003 the god-proof.com website has gone into a dormant state. The archives of all past submissions are still available (click the Archive button below).



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* No matter how strong your faith is, be open to other religions – at least enough to be tolerant. You may also learn something about yourself or about god by exploring the ideas of other religions. We especially recommend exploring Eastern religions, such as Buddhism, as it offers such a different point of view compared to Western religions like Catholicism.

* You do not have to feel left out just because you do not believe in or follow a specific religion. You may find that you are most comfortable creating your own "personal" religion by taking parts of other religions that work best for you. Despite mankind's somewhat awkward attempts to define god (he has a beard and wears a white gown), it feels hard to deny that there is some sort of higher power.

* Religion is a touchy subject. Be careful not to get too preachy in your discussions. At the same time, don't be afraid to announce your beliefs. A little disagreement can be insightful to both parties.


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