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As of December 31, 2003 the website has gone into a dormant state. The archives of all past submissions are still available (click the Archive button below).



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* You can make the world better in small ways. Be kind to a neighbor, pick up that ball of trash in a public park, don't run the water endlessly when you brush your teeth, teach your children to respect people who are different and the delicate environment, and so on. If we all did a few small things to make life on Earth better, it would amount to a big change.

* Be politically active. Write, email or call your local, state and federal representatives. You'd be surprised at how many are actually responsive to contacts by their constituents. Talk to your neighbors, start a grass-root movement if you feel you can make a positive change with just a little help. The bottom line is, be active and not passive.

* Despite the many challenges the world faces today, from terrorism to environmental concerns, don't give up hope. Humanity has great potential and even as we learn to live better as individuals, we learn to improve our lives as a whole. Caring and being thoughtful of one another is a great start.


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