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I would tell the american people that there future will end very soon. also england and china.....rflink

Make the world a better place by killing all the sorry pieces of crap like me.

stop using disposable things!! Don't buy a cutting board you use once and then toss, Don't use a cute lil presoaped baby wash towelette that is one time use only. Remember that we need to cut down on waste!

Try being generous and giving all you can to those who need it. This builds a strong sense of community and gives people a glow of hope. When you eat something you must remember that you are taking a life and now must live for it take its place. That means that you must even care for the lives of plants and animals. Just have a generous outlook and you will find yourself happier and healthier. Loving you.

I would get rid of the state of california,because it is the laughing stock of this great nation, and has been that way LONG before this "recall" fiasco.

forcing all leaders to learn the basic language and religion of other countries in order to understand. Teach right and wrong and get rid of modern convenieces in oder to restore resources until we figure out how to use them resonsibly

To the person who would like to take from the rich and give to the poor, maybe you should go the the philanthropy news web site and see that Bill Gates donates a lot of money towards education, aids and other things. I did not know this until I began researching on the web. A few years ago I probably would have agreed with you some. Take care. You would be amazed at how many people do give their money and time for others. I learned from my ethics class that individuals donate thier money to agencies than businesses. Maybe these businesses should invest more time and money in their community.

I would educate people about the way the human affect system works, and try to convince them that in order to lead happy and fulfilled lives we need to get access to our adaptive emotions and let these inform our behavior. Maladaptive affects like anxiety, shame and guilt stops us from relating genuinely to others and expressing ourselves. I would teach the science and art of affect in schools and universities, and I am certain it would make the world a better place. The dynamic workings of the mind are far too often kept a profesional secret or served to the people in dumbed-down versions. Let's start talking about what really matters!

I would legalize marijuana so that responsible adults could have a positive and legal way to de-stress.

I would destroy all of the tobacco companies and use their money to pay children's medical expenses. (Screw the smokers'medical expenses, they ruined their bodies themselves).

Use your turn signals!

I'd take all the phone numbers in all the telemarketing databases and delete them. THEN I would fill all those databases with the phone numbers of other telemarketing services.

I would do a Robin Hood, take from the rich and give to the poor. People like Bill Gates and that Swedish bloke who invented the carton have more money than they could ever spend in their lifetimes, it's only fair to take what they couldn't possbile even try to spend, and give it to those who need it. We should be doing more to help all those backwards countries as well. Not by writing them blank checks, but by actually educating them on how to get out of the hole they've dug themselves into. We could start by getting rid of dickheads like Mugabe for a start. All these African countries didn't have these problems when they were part of the empire. We could also do with some new penal colonies. No space in prisions? Send the bastards to the Outer Hebridies.

I would clean the parks, donate money to city hall and more

More love!

I would make the world better by starting an online assisted suicide center for all the dumbasses who think suicide is the only option. They would simply pay me to come to their house and dispose of them. This would make the world better by eliminating dumbasses and giving us more air I guess. But mostly I just want to kick their asses for bitching. I guess I could feed their bodies to starving children though.

I would eliminate all those girls at my school who think they are all that. Then, I would make sure those idioits at Mcdonalds get an education so next time they don't forget to give me my damn ketchup. And finally, homework and tests would be elimnated forever!

We need renewable energy sources now! When California experienced rolling blackouts a few summers ago, I did not hear one mention of that state seeking alternative energy sources such as solar energy. That really baffled me. Fossil fuels are not only limited resources, they are destructive to our environment. The sooner we begin to seriously implement alternative energy sources in this country, the better off we will be. Will it take a huge disaster for us to be motivated enough to use alternative energy or can we be smarter than that?

eliminate money ... it truly is the root of all evil.


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